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Rex Global Consultants provides Management Consulting and IT Services. The founding team of Rex Global Consultants served in renowned consulting firms and equipped with latest technology trends and profound business acumen. Our mission is to render state of the art consulting services from idea conceiving to a mature, concrete and viable business solution for our valued customers. Our main focus is to acquaint with the critical needs of customers and propose efficient, cost effective and scalable business model having market competitive advantage over counterparts. Our mission is to get the status of leading customer oriented service organization with global recognition. We aim to focus on the digital transformation of how data can be utilized by analytics to produce best possible solutions for different industries. This objective will be achieved by creating a culture of pride and passion by pursuing and retaining the brightest professionals being rewarded, recognized and respected for their contributions to the company.


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Information Technology

We provide services to organizations by enabling them to focus on top core areas to fuel profitable growth.

BPO Services

Rex Global Consultants offers full range of accounting and book keeping services assisting small to medium companies.

Advisory Services

We are managing organizational systems, business and financial activities of organizations assisting them in change management.

Data Science

In the rapidly changing world, we are keeping pace with the changing requirements of business organizations for optimizing and improving their performance.

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